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Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Set Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Set

Bamboo is a sustainable resource unlike plastic. This toothbrush will be good for 2 to 3 months. You can compost this biodegradable brush, but you need to remove the bristles from the bamboo and put them in your recycling bin. You can snap off the head or pull the bristles...

Stainless steel Cutlery Set in Neoprene Bag Keep in your handbag or back pack and never use plastic take away cutlery again! Package Content: 1 x Spoon 1 x Fork Pair of Chopsticks 1 x Neoprene zip up bag
REDUCED PRICE | Camping Lanterns REDUCED PRICE | Camping Lanterns

Recommended for festivals, camping, van life, adventure sports. Food Grade Silicone container that acts as a lantern, a leakproof container and a solar power charger with a USB port.  700ml Capacity 3.5h hour charging time in direct sunlight for 2000mah battery Light inside bottle, so can be used as a...

1 for $10 | 3 for $25 Freezer safeMicrowave safeDishwasher safeHeat resistant to 232°CLeak-proofBPA FreeLarge (1L/33oz/4cups) reusable silicon zip lock bags that can be used to store solids without oxygen, liquids without spilling. This is a versatile, durable product that will help in any kitchen with its ability to go...
Set of 5 x Reusable Net Bags Set of 5 x Reusable Net Bags

Home 5 Net Bags with Carry Pouch Netbag's Washing Machine Safe Reusable Produce Bags Net Bags are an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic bags in the fruit and veggie section of your supermarket or produce market. Replace plastic single use bags with reusable Net Bags. Use Net Bags to weigh the product, carry it home,...

DEAL; 2 Sets for $50! Silicone lids are a great alternative to using single use cling wrap to cover containers, bowls/pots, produce. This lid set is made of food grade silicone, capable of being frozen, microwaved and put in the dishwasher. It is even oven safe until 230C. They are stretchy, durable...
Stainless Steel Straw Set Stainless Steel Straw Set

Metal straws are a popular item in every household. They are easy to own and are good to travel with, and they come with their own bag and a wire brush. Durable, compact stainless steel that is not going to let you down.  It seems like a small item but plastic straws are only...

These menstral cups are available in two sizes S & L. This is a fantastic way to reduce plastic waste.